The Devine Is Within Me As It Is Within You

The Devine is within me as it is within you


Most of my life was wasted wondering why our Creator would make someone like me.


I was a loner in school and was picked on until I got good at fighting back. Then I was just left alone, especially by the girls. All this hurt my self esteem but my response was to

withdraw from the human race and take care of my self.


I made my own rules of what is right and wrong. I found my own spiritual path that is very different then the religion that happens to be popular in the region I happen to be born into.


In the Army would have had trouble coexisting with others except I sawthe chance to try out for the Pistol Team and I worked far harder to be the best because I knew that I would be left alone as long as I was the best at shooting for the team.


When I got out of the Army I had so much trouble working with others I became an entrepreneur and started my own business doing what I did best. Teaching self defense.

Being so different I could not rely on others to help me so I became very good at taking care of my self.


I like who I am, I like that I am different. I don’t want to be like everyone else and most of all I love the one woman who understands me and still loves me…DD

P/s I am a sociopath. When I was younger I had a rage that made me very dangerous.

Dewduster Dewduster
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I am something like you...

Thanks for sharing DD!

I could not believe God would make a being like me and therefore had to find out who I was...I have been rewaded with a loving wife and friends like pixelita (who shows me a part of her body every day!)<br />
and WarriorMom!...DD

Normal people are boring. Those who have truly taken time to find themselves within this obscure world of ours deserve great respect, but usually don't receive much of it.

WarriorMom, my wife says I am lucky that we never had girls as I would be in prison for killing the first SOB that hurt my little girl.<br />
<br />
Your babies need you. Your children are warriors and tougher because they have learned hard lessons. <br />
<br />
We need each other so don’t do anything that will get you in trouble because you will not be around to help your babies if you are in prison. HUGS…DD

I'm not a sociopath, but unique with issues. I have emotions when I choose not to shut down, but I would also enjoy watching every f***en drop of dirty blood I would extract from those repugnant beings that don't deserve being called a man or even human. To this day I regret not hurting the ones who hurt my babies. Truth is, since all of my children are adults, it would make more sense to do it now.

MrsIcb4rP, there is a lot more to being a sociopath then just being self centered and/or an all aroung A-hole.<br />
<br />
Except for sadness, we have few feelings. I don’t like most music, others talk about how music makes them feel alive etc and I only find music to be irritating at best. <br />
<br />
Some of us are very dangerous toward humans. Ted Bundy was a sociopath. <br />
<br />
I hunted rapist and men who abused women. I did do this in part because I dislike these men but I also enjoyed hurting these men. I felt alive when I hurted these punks…DD

Ha! I had rules to contain my rage...DD

The way I see it is you like to hurt people who deserve it...punks...I don't really see anything wrong with that! :-)

pixelita, I know I like you a lot. I would even like to talk to you.<br />
<br />
ladee56, there is a lot more then what I mention to being a sociopath especially one that likes to hurt certain people. Please get tested before you label yourself…DD .

I think I understand you and I love you too DD ((hug))