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Who That Is?

It's me.

I wear Dr.Pepper lip gloss.
But I still love gals.
Get my eyebrows done.
Women are my best pals.
I may be metro,
But still hetero
I used to be shy,
Got me nowhere.
Now, some think
I got too much to say
But, I can listen just as well,
As study,work,write and tell.
Apologees to none,
For the 'who' I am
But I will say sorry
If I hurt ya ma'am.
thegrey thegrey 26-30, M 4 Responses Apr 3, 2011

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You left out the part about you being awesome, J. *Blows kisses @ you*

*high fives you*<br />
<br />

.....eyebrows done ? Bro !

And as you, things will always be on point.