I Will Never Back Down Again In This Life


I will never back down from what i believe is the right choice for me. In the past I would always second guess myself and back down if the other person felt more sure. But now as time goes by and i see that i was never letting me be the true me. I know what is the best thing for me since only i can see inside my head and heart. I will never again let your thoughts or opinion have the final say in my life. I was born to lead and do great things some day you will see that. But if you don't that is OK because i do see it. You use to say i had no direction i was set adrift in life and to a point you were right but i was merely misguided not lost forever as you told everyone . You see i was foolishly following the light that you were holding but that was not the way i needed to go. I was never meant to follow in your wake i was meant to stride ahead and lead the way that was my path from the start .. why i ask did you try to lead me astray ? Was it because you were threatened by what i would become? I truly hope that some day you find your own path that goes the right way. You see i could tell even back then when i was talking to the scared young kid that you were more then you seemed. You had it in you to do great wonderful things but you wandered away and got lost then you found me and i frightened you with the light that shone in me. So you tried to take me and make it dim but you only succeeded for awhile . Now my light shines out for the world to see and you know what the world has finally accepted me. But i had to accept me first. So now I know that in this life I will never back down again.

redfirefox redfirefox
31-35, F
Oct 31, 2009