Nothing's going to change in my life. I can't be anyone else, the **** will just follow me no matter what I do. I'm just a ******* loser "messed up in the head" thanks for that, FRIEND. 'Therapy' is a ******* joke. I don't have a disorder, I was born this way. Why did I ever even think I could be normal?

**** this.

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You don't have to be normal. But you sound unhappy. Find your own comfort. F what others think.

i dont think ppl think you choose to be the way you are, ppl are judgemental and some ppl are understanding, sounds like youve had alot of ppl just judge you. Just because you did not make the choice to be and feel the way you do, does not mean there is nothing you can do to change it. I very much used to feel exactly the same way- why try, cos therapy is bullshit, and so id turn up, but i was not really listening to what advice i got, or applying it in my life- one day i snapped and woke up, therapy was not working for me cos i was putting no effort into it, i was not trying to learn, i was jusy turning up hoping for them to wave a magic wand and fix me, until i realized its only me that has that power, and life has gone from suicidal, to ok, to good to better to great, and its heading toward fantastic, i never dreamed id feel so good about myself or life yrs ago, but im glad i never gave up and lost hope in healing myself, becasue then id have never got to where i am now- please dont give up on yourself, healing from emotional pain deep in our minds is possible, with alot of understanding about yourself, and your pain, ans your thinking patterns, please dont give up on yourself, cos u have the power to turn it around and live a fantastic life-never give up cos your worth it and deserve to feel good as opposed to what you are used to feeling becasue of your pain. i wish ppl could do it for us, but they cant, you can though, so please keep trying, and u will get there

Aww you guys are so cute, lol<br />
I mean damn you! DAMN the BOTh of YOU!!!<br />
<br />
and p.s. I feel this way too.

Thanks damn it *hug* :D

Yeah it's alright, but you should write a story too for your own damn group :) People think I choose to be this way. They don't have a ******* clue.