I Am So Frustrated

I am 44 years old and my mother treats me like a child.  There are so many examples I could give and I really think she is mentally ill.  For example, a few  years ago she started sending me the amount of money of the age I am on my birthday.  What the heck is that about?  I am not 15!  I am 44; that is just crazy!

So I have never asked my mom for financial help because I don't want to be in her debt.  My sister and her husband and kids have lived with my mom but I have never asked her for help.  So I had a situation come up.  My ex-husband (who, incedentally, is a male version of my mom) screwed me royally in the divorce and long story short I was $1,000 in arrears in child support for our 18 year old son who I still have to pay child support on because he is in college.  They took my income tax refund and I was planning on using it to pay bills.  I do very well with hardly any money but I called my mom to ask her for help and she told me that she could help me but I don't spend my money wisely and she doesn't want to.  I could go on and on...how about how she told me she would take me to Europe and gave me $100 to buy a passport even and when it came time to go told me she couldn't spend that much time with me because I make her nervous (ie I am not a clone of her).

I really don't want to hate her but I am seething with rage and I feel so frustrated.  She is supposed to be a Christian and the Bible says if you have the means to help someone and don't it is a sin.  She is a sad, sorry little woman and I am so glad that I am not like her.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I was sorry to read how you've been treated, itsmeyepme. Sadly, the behaviour you dscribe from someone who is supposed to be a devout Christian is nothing knew. Too many are judgemental, though that goes for society generally, bellevers and non-believers alike. You are right, I think if you are in a position to help, you should do, whether that's financial or otherwise.<br />
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