Even if I am a size 2, they'd expect me to be a size 0, or smaller. I want to be skinny. I want to LIKE to go shoping. I want guys to actually want to be with me, and not just be my ******* friend! But most of all, I want my parents off my back! I know I am fat, I get it! I feel it all the ******* time, and I see it. I only had a ******* apple today, but yeah, once he saw me eating that damn apple, had to turn around and say "Stuffing your fat face again" I just want them to ******* accept me for me, btu I know that will NEVER happen. I want to be skinny, more than I can say. I will never be good enough for them, pretty enough, skinny enough. it will never end!

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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

My mum is annoying like that too. Then when I lose the weight and look & feel great, she says, "yes but you're not skinny". Grrr..... That's what makes me not bother and give up on myself all over again.<br />
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But really all the while she carries on at me, she's the one that thinks she's too fat, which has nothing to do with me.<br />
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Who cares anyway??? Society places so much importance on looks, it's all so shallow and superficial and BORING! Diets are boring and depressing and there is never an end to them. It's never enough. I'm done with all the torture. Trying to keep the body healthy with exercise and plenty of nutrients and water & hopefully keep the junk food down a bit, that's good enough I think. I'll never be any less than size 12, never have, never will. Who cares? It just doesn't seem that important anymore. :)

Your folks shouldn't be so concerned with your weight dilemma. I'm sure you are just fine the way you are - and it should only matter how YOU feel about yourself - not about outside interference :)<br />
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Good luck!