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I have always been a fan of Camryn Manheim, a stand-up comedienne and actress that you may have seen on the television show, “The Practice.” She is known for her confidence as a BBW and not allowing others to fit her into a particular box of their choosing. I recently came across a quote of hers that really hit home. “The way I see it, I can either cross the street, or I can keep waiting for another few years of green lights to go by.” Well me I plan on crossing the street and choosing my own path in life. I don’t care if it is the popular choice or not. This quote just re-affirmed that for me.
My life is amazing. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s amazing.  I guess sometimes we just need little reminders of how great we have it, and in my recent travels I was reminded of this every day when I saw people washing their clothes in canals with animals, some dead and others dead or dying just upstream from them or to see people living in homes that are literally caving in around them but with no other place to go they stay there.  Although it kind of freaked me out it also gave me little extra reminder of all I have in life and all I have done. It also reminded me that I want to share it all with someone who wants to share the good and the bad with me and that I am lucky to be where I am in life.

I haven’t felt like me for a while now. I am not sure when it happened and there is no definite date that I can pinpoint but it happened.  I haven’t been as sassy or as confident. I haven’t wanted to do the same things. I have been way too negative. And well, I couldn’t even bring myself to write because I didn’t know how to feel inspired; I felt like I had lost my inspiration to put pen to paper. I was spending so much time obsessing over negative things that I couldn’t focus on all the things that are important to me. That’s not me and I don’t like that I was letting that happen Yes, I let it happen, no one else did.

So, I am getting back to being me – the me that I love, because that is so important to me and I can’t let anything or anyone ruin that.  One thing I can take as a growth experience from this time is that I will never let anyone ruin the things that I love. My advice to you is to never allow anyone ruin the things that you love about yourself and your life. No one is worth that. And, the people that are really worth having in your life won’t ever ruin that.
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Wonderful piece of love and genuine sincerity, dear one. It has been awhile and is nice to see that someone can come back from a dark place and be of the same spirit, albeit more wise and confident too! : ) <br />
<br />
Take care friend.

Where will you work once the new owners take over. Don't you live at the motel as well?

I better do something else otherwise too much E.P. make me stupid. I can't focus on the motel work. Did you know that the relatives have sold the more. Sweet. No more motel business for me. Frankly men are so damn teasers and make some not so good comments either. See? I have put up with those crap in motel. Maybe they see me as immature so they can pick on me. Of course they are guests. I don't show my emotions around them. Afterward boy I want to say to them stop teasing me. I dislike it. A little tease is okay. Some men talk too much too. They go blah Blah Blah this blah that. Man. I will say I have go. I'm busy so they would leave. Oh dear. Sorry for complaining. By the way thank you for reading this comment and other of my comments. See? I do have struggle with crap in motel too.

I use inappropriate language sometimes. but I don't apologize for it. LOL it is part of who i am in this world.

See? I have too apologize for everything. I'm sure you are sick of that too. Maybe I'm too polite. That is just me. I can't change it. I don't want to rude either.

Oh. I use the swear word. Sweet. See? I'm not all sweet and innocent all the time. Of course I don't say it too often because I don't want to label as "I'm potty mouth *****." LOL. Beside sometimes is fun to put some swear words in my comment to make a point across.

My struggles is to be more mature but I know I'm better than so many people who like to harass people on E.P. They are big babies. Frankly I have never harass other members on here. Of course I was called names too. I don't care anymore because I know that I'm just me. If they like my bluntness. They all go **** themselves.

giggles. Sometimes I do make a okay point in my comments. Most of time I'm just not good at making any points.

We all walk our own path as well in life. We cannot walk it for someone... it has to be walked individually. thanks for your comments ladies.

You are welcome. Yes. I agree with your comment FG. Beside is kind of hard to walk someone's paths because we all different human beings.

Here to walk on your paths and not to worry about what other people's paths.

We all have struggles but we can tough it out.