I'll dust it off in a couple of hours, or a day at most.

But right now, I want to cut my face with a knife.
Rarely happens, but every time it does, it's ALWAYS worse than before.

A knife to the face would probably hurt less.

Now at last, at the age of 29,
I understand why people cut themselves.

And hey,
at this age, I feel like I've EARNED the right to be ******* 'emo'.

Don't think I'll do it this time.
I don't know.

Didn't even think I'd reach this stage, man.
So the next time it happens,
the knife's getting a bit of exercise.

And after that,
I'll still dust it off, scars and all.

Life can't stop just because you're in a shitload of pain.

**** this ****.
WhoTheHellAreYou WhoTheHellAreYou
Dec 14, 2011