I don't write allot, and have written very few stories, but when I saw this group, I just knew I had to write something
any praise about this AMAZING person, isn't even half of what she deserves, but I'll try, when I first found this site (by accident) it was because I needed an answer to a physical problem, and  wondered if any one out there might be able to help, I didn't want to create an account, I'm not the type of person that has friends people I don't know on the net, but in order to ask my question I had to create an account, so I did,one of the answers I got was from this amazing person, I really liked it so I sent her a friend request , and she wrote me this long note and helped me so much with what I was struggling with, not once not twice, she has helped me many times, and is always there for me (even when I'm not so pleasant to be around:)  ) and  is really patient, I can sincerely say I love this person, she feels like a second mother to me, now I have known ep for more then a year  and wow! I am so glad I was blessed to "meet"  lifescraziness, there is so much more to say and write about her, I think I'm gonna leave this unfinished and come back and edit it from time to time.

LC you rock!!!!

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4 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Aww tahts really nice and sweet...tis rare, we have moods and there are some real ppl. Its very difficult to really kno the real person in personality to attitudes and so on. Im glad for u.

I have to agree totally with what you said about LifesCraziness !<br />
I too am blessed that our paths crossed !<br />
Lovely story !!! HUGS

I agree!! LC is one of the dearest people around. She deserves the very best. What a heart she has and a crazy sense of humor! I'm glad you have that bond. Nice story ;-)

Hey!!!! Thank you so very very much for this! You are too sweet! I have enjoyed our friendship and Im glad our lives have crossed paths!! Im here for you anytime!!! Hugs to you! And again, thank you so much for this!!! It's like it's Best Friends Day!! LoL ;)<br />
hugs<br />