Loss Of Virginity And Ultimate Betrayal...

I lost my virginity as an act of cheating.  She was 30 and I was 21, and I had just had an argument with my then-girlfriend, the real first love of my life.  I was young and foolish, full of hormones and in heat.  I also have Asperger Syndrome and thus was easy to manipulate.  This older woman, this evil person, who I lost my virginity to so readily and blindly, was an ex-prostitute and she knew how to get me aroused by her very easily.  I was told by her of her being supposedly half-Chinese - sure, she looked a little Eurasian but she was basically white - and I was stupid enough to believe her load of bull about her being that and related to an albino (I also had a slight obsession with the idea of being with an albino woman at the time, but that's another story) - I swallowed her BS and let her swallow myself, and we went into an unholy unison, our sexual caresses inspiring us to that evil.  The relationship continued for about three months, and she wasn't upfront about her having hepatitis C either.  Thankfully, I got checked by the doctor three months later and I did not have any hepatitis C or any other STIs.  Though thinking about the way that I hurt the real first love of my life, and forever denied my opportunity to make love properly to her, I swear by God and his Archangels that I will never cheat again, may they help me keep my vow!

KangarusGyrfalcon KangarusGyrfalcon
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 25, 2010

you're stupid....why was the woman evil and you the poor victim? it was you who did the cheating, you had sex with her she didn't put a gun to your stupid head.WOW it suprises me how some people always blame others...disgusting