I'm Sure That My Love Is Already Spent

You know how your mum gives you an allowance as a kid and tells you to spend it wisely because you won't get anymore...Well i wish i had a mum or anyone one for the matter to tell me that that applies to love, real love.


Ok there's the first kiss love

ok there's the kiddie love

ok there's the first lover love

and then...

there is the first love love

it may be in different orders for some but it all comes and during these fazes you have some much love inside you to give and to spend and if you spend it all on the wrong person then you may never truely love again, if you spend all your love on your kiddy love or you first kiss or you will never know how it feels to love and be loved back the way you love them...I feel like im out of love and i was long before i said i do to my husband, i tried to fake it and hoped my feelings would play catch up to my actions...didn't work by the way...i waisted my love on the wrong guy i spent all but a third on him so my poor husband got the left overs and for some left overs that was still pretty good, i cook i cleaned, i never ever cheated and i put up with alot of cheating, forgiving him for knocking up another girl and all. He walked out on the marriage twice and i let him back and this was after he got the scrapes of my love...so that's why i say i have nothing left to give, i have no more love left,i really really dont...just my daughter thats my love

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1 Response Jun 25, 2009

you've got the mind of an artist, your stories have this poetry in them. Artists are precious people, but they're not aware they take on a lot of everybody's pain. <br />
It seems like men haven't given you the love you deserve, you're blaming yourself for not loving your husband enough when you do the chores and let him have his ways; i guess you used to blame yourself for not giving your big love what HE needed, too.<br />
You are other-oriented. I know how frustrating it is not to get the love you dream of. <br />
I've run across a lot of selfishness from others, too. Survivors must protect their souls. Obviously the ones that get admired are not necessarily the kindest.<br />
I don't have the magic bullet, but i know that however bad you may get, you've got to protect this core of you, this inner self that has so much to give, it needs caring from you.