Have You Ever Wanted....

Have you ever wanted a friend who never judges.  one who never says..hey what the hell were u thinking but instead says...i'm here for you.  have you ever wanted a friend who fights for ur friendship, to make things better, who will let u talk and talk about anything and everything and be truely interested?  Who won't act as if every life they encounter is disposable?  Have you ever just wanted a friend who walks right up to you, gives u a big strong HUG and says...I love you  and you are my friend.  that is me. i am that kind of friend and i am definately having a hard hard time finding anyone else who feels that same way as me!!

OceanicDebris OceanicDebris
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7 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Thanks so much!! you are such a wonderful friend. I am lucky to have met you!

You are a wonderful and most respected and treasured friend to me,it is all my honor to have your friendship.I do not deserve such kindness.I have been amazed since joining EP just how many wonderful people there are out there however you do not come into that group,you are far higher in my esteem.Thank you so much for just being you,please if there is ANYTHING i CAN DO FOR YOU i WOULD.Bless you my dear friend,Pat.

Please look at my profile and see if you like to sustain.<br />
I am offering likewise

Thank you i am glad that there are people out there. We should definately be friends!

I have been reading through your posts and I'd love to have you as my friend. :)

Thank you...this site has helped me a little in my struggles through life. And it's nice to know ppl out there are genuine and care!

I do. I think that you would make an awesome friend!<br />
<br />
You are defiatly the best kind of friend to have! If you <br />
<br />
want to be friends I am here for you too!!!!