...though I Do Not Like That Word.

I'm not fond of using the word "never" because every time I do, somehow I wind up eating my words.  Even so, it is highly unlikely that I would fight over a man. 

If he wants to go, he can go.  I may be sad, I may cry...but if he feels he needs to go on, that's his choice.  I do not own my man, he is free to do as he will.  If a friend of mine wants him, is so unfaithful to our friendship to go behind my back and hit on my man, I'm not sure she's worth keeping around.  And if he responds to her overtures, they may well deserve each other.

I'll cry, and I'll grieve the lost relationship, but if my girlfriend disrespects me enough to steal my man and he opts to go with her...well I don't own either one of them.  I'll bleed a while, and then move on to a stronger, better relationship...with someone who WON'T stab me in the back!
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I couldn't have said better myself. So agree!

AWESOME story!! And what you wrote is so very true...not worth it! There is someone out there better for you...on the friendship level as well as relationship!

Damn.................and I am so worth fighting over....smiles