One At A Time

When I found him I wasn't searching for the one. I was just being me, exploring life, one stockinged step at a time.

When I realized he was something special I wasn't expecting it would last. I was just enjoying it, one day at a time.

When he showed up on my doorstep I wasn't sure what it meant, what it would mean.  I was just figuring it out, one kiss at a time.

When he told me I was free I wasn't happy...that he'd let me go, after all of this.  I was just pulling him back, one tug at a time.

When he showed me that what we have will always be special I wasn't thinking "I will never find another like you."  I was just laughing at the thought that I'd one day be searching for anything else, one 'one' at a time.
shannonymous shannonymous
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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

I remember those stockins ... allays will.

he he, i know you will, mr."I'm a leg man" :P