I Was So Close ...

i was working on wall street... my boss was late... sirens... the silence was terrifying. where was my boss? (my boss came in from jersey on the path train, which went under the wtc) ... my boss was like a father to me. i was frantic at the news of it falling, for many reasons, friends who worked there, i also knew his family (some) worked there, top floor.

they didnt make it.

but his guaridan angel. or mine. was with him that day.

and he had fallen asleep on the wrong train.

he wasnt there when it fell.

i walked over the bridge .... stood there.... and the next fell. and the blackness...my friend said he could see all the way in the bronx.

i had seen horrible death before, but one that will 4ever haunt me is when i saw a woman jumping... holding her skirt down... holding on to self respect until the end. that one broke me.

sorry this is so scattered.
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*hugs* i am glad you didn't go into work that day. My birthday is 2 weeks after yours, but having it on that day would be horrible. But in my eyes, your birthday being on that day actually gives me a bit of hope when i think back on that day. Like there is life... i remember, even though i had seen violent deaths before, i had never seen so many at once. so i remember thinking it was the end of the world, that there was nothing more than death in this world. even now, looking back on my life, and events, i find myself so many times thinking not just of that day but of many days and death just consumes my mind... <br />
but your birthday... hope this doesnt sound too weird, but, in my mind, is kind of like a symbol of hope. that even on the most death filled day (i've seen anyway), someone was born x amount of years ago, and they are thankfully still living... so that means on that day, though i saw no child born, there had to be more born to share your birthday... which means, i can have more than death for memories. i can try and remember, there are days of life on that day... and on many other days..<br />
<br />
i know this may sound silly or corny, but it's very much true. i dont celebrate my birthday, but for some reason your birthday touches me. not sure why. i guess it's because of that lovely 'symbolism'...<br />
<br />
thank God for your being at home and being here to share your story ... i hope you are well today and please take comfort in knowing no matter how stupid my life is, you've made an impact (in a good way) on it, just by having another birthday coming up... even if it's on a very sad day,...........it's kinda the sunshine on a rainy day, for me.<br />
<br />
if u ever wanna talk, feel free to msg me, and thanks for responding :)

I remember waking up that day and turning on the TV and wondered what had happened when it was on every channel.I played sick from work that day and thought I was going to watch my favorite Soap Opera. Then I saw what happened and it was absolutely horrible. I can't imagine actually seeing something like that. I don't think I would ever be the same. I am sorry you had to go through that. I know I will never forget it because of how horrible it was and because it was my Birthday.