Still Scarred

A couple of years before the day, I stopped working at WTC. I worked for a financial firm right where the plane hit tower two, my first real job. I will never forget the people I worked with. I hope they are all okay. I will never forget the views from my office across the Hudson and into Jersey City. I will never forget picnicking in a park in Hoboken and looking across to the Twin Towers. I will never forget the summertime performances in the WTC courtyard area. I will never forget shopping in WTC's shopping plaza. I will never forget the elevators and how you had to transfer elevators to reach higher floors.

I miss the towers, the symbol of NYC, my home, my native land. it took a long time to not be angry. It still angers me that all these tourists come to see a hole in the ground that is really a mass grave and didn't give a **** to see the towers while the architectural marvel was still there. It still angers me that the survivors are forever traumatized, including my significant other who was a first reponder.

It saddens me that people that day had to make a choice between plummetting to death or being burned alive. It saddens me that so many people lost their loved ones. It was particularly sad to see while it was still up the artwork from children of mostly fathers who died that day saying how much they missed them. And it saddens me to know that countless others who are still alive will suffer and die from all the chemical fumes they inhaled that day.

I was going to speak about my experience that day and in the following days. I was going to speak about the things I saw. But I just can't bring myself to do it.
GuavaberryKisses GuavaberryKisses
31-35, F
Jan 14, 2012