Visiting The Site Vs Seeing It In Tv

I live in the Southern Hemisphere. When the attacks happen I was just waking up. I was horrified as I watched it on TV and saddened.
I recently visited the actual site (Sept 11 2012) and find it difficult to describe what I felt. It was hard to imagine the size of the buildings as I stood next to the memory pools. It was harder to comprehend people hating each other so much that they would purposely harm thousands of innocent people.
I can't stop thinking about those people who were trapped above the impact knowing that they were going to die as well as those who knew they wouldn't make it out alive as they descended the stairwells including fire fighters. I hope there is a special place in heaven for those people as no one deserves that.
I can't change history but I can become a better person which will make my world and my immediate surroundings a better place. Never again will I complain about my life; never again will I take my family and friends for granted; I won't judge others or force them to do what I think is right; I won't be influenced by money or greed; I will stand up against those who mistreat others; I will not participate in or endorse violence.
RIP those lost on Sept 11 2001. You will not be forgotten.
Dudrulz Dudrulz
Sep 22, 2012