Thanks everyone! EP has been my second home too like anyone else here.
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Best wishes.

I'm so taken by this!!! All I can say is I love you guys and I wish you the best!!!! Goodbye!!!!!!

Thank you too! Take care!

thank you for everything

Thank you, dear! Please take care!

this is my first time seeing an orange name

are u a modf

get payed or nah?

Its been a fabulous six year experience .. Thank you ..

Thank you for your part in our lives, best wishes to you.

Thanks! Please continue to be an inspiration. Take care!

thank you guys too .. :(

Thanks to people like you too. :)

*cries* I hope they bring it back? someday maybe?? sigh

We are also hoping that a site like this will be back. :)

ok :) :) sigh 💚

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