Too Late.

I saw a girl in pain and someone reluctant to talk to me.
After my badgering and pleads to help she responded.
After she was done writing out everything about how she was feeling in a way that she assumed would finally get me to stop asking her to talk about it, i smiled.. She talked :)
And then we talked.
She is one special person i must say.
Even when she had multiple reasons to fret, she held her friends above all else.
It is rare to find someone so genuinely considerate, someone who actually cares.
I tried, but although she is too kind to ever admit it, i had not helped.
I have only spoken a number of times to her before the unfortunate spiral ending in her eventual leaving happened.
I wish i could say i knew her better, alas our untimely meeting before this leaving doomed it to never be, i and obviously numerous others will always remember mel.
I am sorry to say that i didn't help and i am sorry to say she feels the need to leave, but i am even more sorry to everyone on ep that they are missing out on knowing her.
But if she really cant stay on here, i would never dare to get in her way.
One thing i am not sorry for...
I am glad to know Mel.
I am glad you subsist, breathe, prevail over this world and continue to live.
Im glad that you are out there.
One person that has shown me that despite the seemingly devolution and degradation of the ratio of genuinely good people in this ever darkening world, that there still remain those ambrosial seraphic people still exist.
I just want to say im glad i met you, im glad i know you, and thanks for letting me know you.
I would write a much less succinct story, and a lot more eloquently expressive of the enormity of the incontrovertible empyrean qualities of this lady.
Alas it is the eleventh hour and ultimately too late.
Soon the account will be gone I just hope that she may read this before it is too late..

Wish you luck in your further endeavors and undertakings.
TaintedSoul TaintedSoul
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

This was beautifully written. Thank you so much for your kind words. The first time I read this, it made me cry. You knew my reasons for leaving, but you probably also knew I wouldn't stay gone forever. I saved this before I left and read from time to time. But I gotta say, it is kinda nice to be back =) Thanks for everything

All that matters is you're back :)

You are like a walking thesaurus. Its beautiful. Just found on recent stories but she must be lucky :)

Shes a friend but she is leaving ep.