When My Ex Died It Felt Like I Had Too

i had known matty for all my life and as i got older i started to fall in love with him. we started dating and it was amazing hed suprise me with little treats like picnics in the woods or taking me out for a meal and to say we were only young it felt like i would be with him all my life. he was very smart and sporty and everyone how knew him loved him he was somthing speacial. it was our two year anniversary and i was so happy wed lasted that long. how matty died stays with me till this day, we was at our mate house when some lads broke in matty and david thort standing up to them would help but what they didnt know was they had a knife. matty was stambed three times he was rushed to hopital and said to be in a coma. he woke up three days and i was there as i didnt leave his bed. i was so happy he was alive and i couldnt stop smiling we talk the rest of the day about things we used to do and he told me he wanted to marry me as soon as he got out of hospital. later that day he passed away it felt like i had lost him twice and i didnt have any idea how i would cope with out him.
tiffy077 tiffy077
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2010