The Letter You Won't Ever Read

I have writen so much about you, I've writen you so many letters that I have never sent. You know how I feel about you but you don't take my words seriously, you just think I'm obsessed and I'm just another girl on your list who you never loved.
It's been nearly 4 years since we met, 3 years or so since we broke up and I still remember you. I am not obsessed like you say, I loved you and maybe I still love you but there's nothing I can do.
Tonight, I don't know why but I can smell your smell on my clothes, it's like your perfume was sprayed on my clothes and with this smell I can't help thinking about you. I remember i used to complain about so many things in my life when we were together, but now life has got really tough and now I know what it's really like to feel sad for ages. When I was with you I had friends who cared about me, I was in school having a blast and my family was always there and you were with me and your words fed my soul, your touch, your kisses, everything, baby you made me complete.
Then you left me and we tried being friends, remember? and do you remember how that didn't work out? you were always blaming me and making me realize that ou never really loved me. I remember in one of our "friendly" conversations how you used to talk about other girls and how could I forget when you asked me if it was ok with me if you asked one of my friends out. How could you do that to me? didn't you realize that I was hurting inside? what about a few months ago, when we saw each other again and I told you I loved you while I was crying and you didn't say a word? you didn't have to say anything if you didn't felt like I did (or do) but then, you kept saying hurtful things. No, I don't care with whom you sleep tonight, no, I don't care about the girl you like, and I definately don't want to hear again that us is so over. I hate you but I would do anything to have you back. I am not obsessed, it's just that with you I felt so happy, I loved everything about you, even your flaws, but you're a bastard and you don't deserve me, anyway, you'll always have me and my shattered heart will always miss you, forever, even though you don't deserve me

Val86 Val86
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 8, 2012

I wish that your guy would read this and understand your true love.

thanks, that's so sweet