I can still remember my first love and all the things we used to do and how much fun it was for those three years we were together. It truly was an innocent time, right up until the point she called me to tell me she'd had sex with another guy. That's a poke in the eye with a sharpe stick!
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1 Response Feb 27, 2014

Yes it is! LOL... I thought it was going to be something like until she moved away. Did not expect that ending.

Strangly she tried to rationalise that she was just curious and that it meant nothing and why did I have such an issue with it as she didn't fancy the guy!! What was I thinking? Durh? Not a chance girl, goodbye! Took me about 4/5 months for the ache to stop though!!

Did you ever see her again?

Yes I did, about 10/12 years after. Rather strange really, she was on the "trip of boyfriends past". I recall she said that us splitting up was a big mistake. I would have been happy to see her as an infrequent / distant friend but there was nothing reciprocated. She never really understood what she did was wrong. I also felt sorry for her chap as it sounded like she'd settled rather than actually wanted to be with him.