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We all will definitely agree to the fact that , our first love or say a crush who turns into someone special , will always here very close to our hearts. Many of us are special that they get a chance to spend their lives with their first and only love of their life & others like us...Oh Crap ! We're still counting.
Anyways, at this point of time what matters is that the first love or crush of our lives have given us a bunch of memories
so special that when at any point of our life, when we shuffle back through the pages of life, our faces are totally smile.
What every time will matter is that it will keep you giving a reminder that you were worthy of having such a person in your life at a point of time, and since nothing in this world is permanent, we are left with some good memories.
I don't actually know if I will ever be able to overcome the fact that I always wanted to have someone & I failed at that. I have to accept that and I know with time everything will heal. I will always have that glitter on my face whenever I hear her name again in my life, & she deserves that as she was so special.
Today when I sometimes sit alone to think about her, it's simply one of the best moments of my life that I come across in those pages looking back at my life.
Maybe, We were never destined to be together as a life partner but I know that we will always cherish that feeling in our hearts irrespective of what we do or where we go.

So, Let's see how this thing works for us for the rest of our lives. Least we can do is remember them with a feeling of warmth rather then accusing them for some reasons even we were not able to figure out. Let's see thing from a different point of view and stay happy for the rest of our lives.
Thank you for stopping by and reading this !

PS: I hope you had that person in your mind when you read this.

theReasonbehindyourSmile theReasonbehindyourSmile
22-25, M
Dec 3, 2014