My First Time

i was 14 at the time, it was summer, after a boy scout meeting,we came outof the meeting and one of the boys there was talking to a girl that he knew. their were three of us, the boy ask the girl if she would do it with all three of us. she said she would. so we went over to a place behind the school in some trees where nowone could see us,,the tallest boy went first,he was very quick,then my friend did her, he was very quick too, then it was my turn i was very scared, but i did not want my friends to know so i did not show it, she was wanting to do it so i started to do it with her,,i put it in her she arched her back and helped me inter her as i was not know ing what to expect , she told me to put it in as far as i could so i did she said it felt very good she moved as i moved and we began to get a rithim going she put her legs around my back and held me and she started to make some sounds in her throot that i never heard be fore i then felt my self start to explode in her i must have squrted 6 or7 times in her,it was wonderful,,i was so overwhelmed with wonder,,,i learnd later that she had as much plasure as me maby more,,i was fearful to go home ,thought my parents could look at my face and tell what i had ben doing,,i was hooked,,
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I was just like her!
I started my adventures when I was 13 and had my first real experience just before my 15th was horizontal there after.

she was 15,we were 15 , 15 and i was 14,,i later learned where she lived and hoped to see her many more times, and i did, but she moved her parents went to another state .we all missed her very much,,this happend about 1949 i think,,

Perhaps you should read my blog; google, joycerf the beginning.

Like I said I was just like her and once I started ******* I would go with who ever asked...It is a recognized mental condition now that is treatable but looking back...well read it and let me know what you think.