When i was a senior in high school one of my buddies that I grew up with killed himself on my birthday. For the record, I was born on 4:20 and he was a fellow pothead, he didn't have any ill will towards me, he just picked that day because it's an epic day. Well anyways, I remember on 4:21 was when I found out what happened. I went to school that day like normal, I got done and around 4:30 I had to go to court for truancy. I got out about an hour after that and called up my friend to see if he wanted to smoke a bowl with me. He cheerfully accepted the offer and came over to my house to pick me up. That whole day at school there were rumors about two of my fellow classmates who had to go down to the principals office for some reason or another. And my friend that i was with was really good friends with those two students. So asked him what was going on and and he said "Hey, do you know drew declerc?" and I go "hell yeah man, me and him grew up together." after that he started telling me a story that turned out to be false, he was saying that on the friday before 4:20 drew got really drunk and got a drunk driving ticket and he texted those two students that same night. He did text them but it wasnt about that. Well anyway after he said the story i just blurted out "oh ****! drewby's on the run!!!" because he said that he went missing and they traced his credit card one state over where he bought a pack of cigarette's at a gas station. He just looked at me and his face got all sad, and right away i knew what happened...he goes "Nah man...he committed suicide."

I was in absolute shock. I suppose the only day that I remember more than that was the day of his funeral. That was a real eye opener. I couldnt even stay through the service. Me and my other friend went outside and just smoked like 10 cigs a piece and I dont even smoke. To this day i still wonder why he did it. There were so many rumors and stories going around that I dont know what one to believe.
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I googled Drew's name today.. not sure why, but I did. I came across your article. I don't know who you are (I do not see it on the article) but I'm Drew's Mom.. I can only imagine the stories, and rumors you have heard. Drew wrote a note.. which he says goodbye to us all and he tries to explain his actions, but we still do not understand why he took his life...only God and Drew know why.. Since you grew up with Drew you most likely know where he lived.. My husband and I still live there and our phone number is in the book.. If you ever want to talk, our door is always open,and I will answer any question asked.. no matter how hard you think the question maybe.. Nothing is harder than losing your son to his own hands... fyi my birthday is 4/21.. the day he was found. Melissa De Clerc