SO So Many

Which day would that be? There are so many memorable things I hold deep inside. Some happy, some scary and some, well, they just aren't ready to make an appearance.

I remember the day of my divorce very well... not so much for the divorce but because it was the day of the Oklahoma bombing.

I remember the day the towers fell.... and each time I brought life into this world.

The day a very sad boy stood up in our school and put a bullet into his head... and the day I met my best friend 24 yrs ago.

I remember each time I've attempted to take my own life... and the friend who stayed with me all night forcing me to live.

I remember holding my grandparents hands, at different times, as they took their last breath... and the scents of their individual colognes each time it crosses my path.

I have lots of memories and things that I will never forget. All work well together to keep me grounded.

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"all work well together to keep me grounded." yes.. in time, these experiences cease to be just memories, they create an impact that we somehow discover we have these feelings that seemed, at first, alien to us. we know certain events happen and are accompanied with not-so-pleasant emotions, but we never really understand until we've seen, felt, or experienced them ourselves. it's a good, liberating feeling to have not known and have known, to be unaware and finally be liberated. :)

Memories play a big part in who we are. Good memories remind us how fortunate we are. The not so good open our compassion to others.

how awful.... thats really gotten to me... the poor boy... and that poor girl trying to save him.... both are too young for that kind of pain or situation....

We look back on the things that have happened during our life on earth, some happy some sad. But it's good to know you have caring friends, people who love us and people we care about who we hopefully make a difference to in their life. Life is short - live it!

The bell rang, he stood up and fired into his temple... a girl ran and put her hands over the entrance and exit wounds but the parametics could not save him...

so he shot himself in front of everyone?<br />
wow. ive never ever seen a working gun, except with the police. i cant get my head around that.<br />
the poor boy. and everyone who had to see it. how awful

He was 16 and the monsters got to him before he could get help...

=] You have lived through a lot, both happy and sad.<br />
How old was this poor boy? What happened? Did he just get up and shoot himself? Thats awful