Happy? Sad?

When i was around 4 or 5 my parents got divorced, whitch may not seem like much but for a kid that young it is, enyway i waz picked up from school, i waz happy cuzz i left school early, with a stanger, i was drove to a HUGE building, not hearing a word from the stanger intill we stoped, she got out an told me 2 follow, i did as i waz told, i waz lead into a room i dont remember the room but wen i think back my minds makes the room pure bright white, in this room my family waz their including my dad who hav been i jail, again im happy, happy cuzz im with my family and im getting attention and hugs, but strangly everyone waz crying, while i sst their laughing, after that the stanger drove me to a stange house far away, and finally told me my parents are divorced, and that i wont be seeing enyone from my family for 3 years right at that molment i waz quiet, i think my heart may have stoped right their and then and never continued...
GermanSchwarzer GermanSchwarzer
13-15, M
Mar 19, 2012