Your Last Warning?

So my father has a really bad temper when he is angry. I hate to say he is abusive, because i dont want to see him in that sense. But his behaviour says it all. And I'm not going to give excuses for his behaviour anymore and let me feel like i deserve it.

After he hit me. Days later i could still feel were his hands had been. I was still so scared of him. I couldnt stop crying.

I made him sit down and listen to me and i told him to never touch me like that again. I told him that "i was scarred of you, of my own dad, your behaviour is unacceptable and disgusting". I told him that ive always respected him and loved him, but for him to do that to me, to touch me like that, clearly shows he doesnt respect me at all or love me enough. I gave him his last chance and said i'd be moving out if he did that ever again to me or my sister. I could tell he was sorry and he apologised numerous times, admitting his behaviour was wrong.

But i look at him and hes a different person now. Are you the same dad that used to buy me cupcakes? Are you the same dad that used to go bike riding with me as a kid?

Why the **** did you have to do that to me then? I accepted your apology for peace sake, but i cant ever forgive you or forget!

Why dont i believe you that you wont ever do it again?

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sorry your dad did that,,,,I went through the same thing with mine,,,at least you were able to get through to him,,,never could with mine,,

Sorry you couldnt get through to your dad, hope your happy now, today tho.

yes I am I am single, live alone,,and all thats behind me

Nobody cares that you're single and live alone. You are an aging man, and you are speaking to a very young woman. Take a hike already.

im so glad it is and that you've found peace. I really want to move out, but i need to give him an excuse or he'll be furious...

be strong, don't let him control you with fear,,,you are a adult and able to be the real you without his approval

I try, but i dont want to set him off in anyway. He sometimes intimidates me. But i try abit everytime and im going to be stronger, i promised myself

thats a good thing,, I know how you feel

An excuse? You mean you need him to go back to his old self and abuse you? So you can move out? What about your sister?

I mean that I need to move out for Uni or work an excuse like that. My sister is looking for an apartment soon. I dont really know, i havent spoken to her properly about it, if i moved out. Would it be wrong to leave?

No it would not be wrong. How do you know she doesn't like it? Anyway, her getting ****** isn't really your problem.

Joey, go away. You are 20 years older than this girl.

yes it is, it effects me just as much. You wouldn't understand my situation.

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