Moment I Knew It Was Real

I had been on line dating with this special man for going on three years til this day, it was at the end of my rope and I was running out of excuses to not finally come and met him. We had became friends and then very passionate lovers over the Internet, but how can this be as real as what I know everyday. This is going to me a mistake waiting to slap me in the face, another failed to everything I know very well, and I will be another foolish chick believing in what is not even real at all. But for some reason he felt inside so different the way he talked, the way he impressed me with certain views of life somethings just seem like he is whom I have been praying for, and I need to finish what we had been living for so long now. I took that leap of faith, and with god on my soul and faith stronger than life in my heart I came to him and met him, in another country far away from mine. And to my surprise he was there awaiting for me as happy and impressed as I. And I will never forget the first words he told me, " my angel you finally came and you look as beautiful as I hope you would." He held me and that embrace I will never forget so real so passionate, and so loving. I knew that this was a great choice, and god has finally brought me my own gift of heaven, my own angel, and we were married five days later, and been happy ever since. So i knew this moment after we both said I Do. I knew this was my moment my life and it was very real.
candlenia candlenia
26-30, F
Nov 23, 2012