My Grandpa

There are two days that I'll never forget about my grandpa, my mother's father. The first is that once when I was young, just about 8 years old, I was with him in a store. He asked the man that worked there for the directions of where we were heading. As he was talking with him, I was looking at a small dark blue bag that had a cotton bird stuck in front of it. It was really pretty and cute. Then my grandpa saw me looking at it then smiled and bought it for me. I know that this sounds stupid but by just doing this little thing for me, I knew that he truely loved me. The other day that I won't forget is the day he died. That day was horrific. My mom had already lost her sister from breast cancer, and now her father died. She was crying, so did I. Although I was just a child but I came to soothe her because I lost my grandpa too. I still have the bag that he bought for me, but I kept it away because each time I look at it, my heart squeezes and I get so sad. God bless his soul, I love you grandpa.....

HeartLove HeartLove
18-21, F
May 24, 2007