August 14th 2005

I will never forget this day as long as i live it was the day i told on both my brother and my parents for hurting me and for hurting 2 small boys. I was a witnessand involved in physical, mental and sexual abuse. I myself was abused and so were a few others. On this day i decided it was enough and i took matter into my own hands.

By doing this i helped myself, my brother, and 2 other children. I wish i could be more open and tell all that happened that day. I knew if i stayed around i would have been killed or at lease beaten and abused more than ever before.

I believe with my whole heart i did the right thing!!!

dolphingirl41990 dolphingirl41990
2 Responses Sep 17, 2007

I'm so sorry love! Abuse is terrible, but you spoke up and saved others! Be proud of all you've accomplished since then!! Peace! Cath

Sorry you had to go through the abusive and that makes me sad ..But you also inspire me that you had the strength to tell ,I know U most of been scared And by telling you are hero to those little boys you saved them from further abuse ..