I Will Never Forget My First Kiss

At the time i was 14 years old,now am 43
I was in high school,very quite
One afternoon  i went home with my best friend
The guy i liked lived next door to her
Nothing was planned ,it just happened
My friend was eating lunch ,i didnt want to eat ,so i went outside
I  was  sitting outside and there he was i seen him next house over
He was shy ,he smiled at me ,i smiled back
He had a  bike it was really nice,so i went to talk to him
I  said to him  you have a nice bike,he says thanks,want to go for a ride
I say no  am not allowed  ,i will get in trouble by my dad..
We  talked for awhile,than when i was about to leave
We kissed,it was my first kiss and  i know now he didnt know how to kiss it was awful.
When i was 25 we meet again,we didnt live in same town
We was at his sisters house no one was there
Only me and him
He kissed me...am like you so dont know how to kiss
Let me show you how to kiss :)

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love will find a way