It Ended Much Too Soon

The last time i was with my girlfriend was at the beginning of last month.
Her parents had gone out of town and would be away for a few hours, so she told me to meet her at a park by her house. We were there for just around an hour, and she was preoccupied with the worry that her parents might find out that she had disobeyed them(firstly, they didn't allow her to date, and secondly, she was supposed to stay in her house till they came back) for most of the time that we were there, but anyhow, nothing could have made that more perfect. Neither of us said very much, but it was a miracle for us to even get to be together again, so there really were no words that needed saying. I just held her tight and told her how much i'd missed her, at first. Then, i started kissing her, and she kissed me back, but this time, after we'd been kissing for a while already, she opened her mouth a little, then a lot, and she kissed me like she never had before. We'd just been each others first kiss a short while ago, and this all came as very much of a surprise to me. I was extremely nervous. But i don't think that she noticed or minded how still i was, and she just kissed me, for who knows how long(it seemed to've ended too soon and lasted forever, all at once) before she pulled away and hid her blushing face in her hands. Well, i soon lost my nervousness, gained some nerve, and went in for another kiss. Then, quite a few more after that. And, i made sure not to be nearly as still as i had been before. But, it all came to an end much too soon.

Finally, as she was just about to leave, i wrapped my arms tightly around her waist, and i kissed her for the last time. For a long time we stood there, on the deserted sidewalk, sharing our last kiss and last real moment together. I completely let go of myself then, like i never have before, and got lost in that moment. I could have stood there, holding her so very tightly in my arms, pressing her body against mine and feeling her warmth as i ran my tongue gently along her lips and tasted her soft, sweet skin, slowly taking in her breath and feeling her loving, tender bite, for all the rest of my life. It felt like something out of the movies, like we were both suspended in time, moving in slow motion, while cars whizzed past us and all the rest of the world spun faster than ever before. This was the girl i'd loved for so long. My best friend. She was the one who broke my heart when she started dating what's-his-face. She was the one who repaired it and always put our friendship first. She was the inspiration for so many letters and songs and poems. And now, my dreams had all come true -- because of her. I didn't want it to end. Still, it was the perfect kiss to end the perfect day.
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Wow..... moving, so real..


This is sweet. You're sweet! I like reading your work because you're so aware of your world, so down to earth and thoughtful.<br />
<br />
Beautiful. :3

That really means a lot. I'm very flattered. Thanks for reading.
I can't take this smile off of my face, now. :)