Movie Moments

I fell in love with a beautiful boy at camp 10 years ago. From day one I knew I had to be with him. I was mesmerized by his bright blue eyes complimented by his striking dark hair. His smile made my heart melt. I noticed him first, but before I could make my move, another girl got in there. That was ok, I knew he would end up with me.

He kissed her and I kissed other boys. But we became great friends. And for the next 3 weeks we hung out every day during the camp. We talked about everything, we played sports together. The end of camp was nearing and I thought it would all be over. He left early for a sports game with his local team and I thought he was gone. But he came back for the final night and we made our connection true. He had broken up with the other girl and chose me. That was an amazing night...we only kissed coz we were only 14 but the next day as everyone was piling on to the buses, tears were streaming down my face because I didnt think I would ever see him again.

How wrong was I? The next year, he happened to be visiting my village with his family for a few days. I didnt know about it until he called to say he was there, less than a 10 minute walk away from my house.

That week was when it happened. We spent every day together, walking along the seaside, talking from morning till night. One day we went down to a little cove where I used to hang out. It was gorgeous, private and quiet. As we were walking back from the cove, we decided to sit down on the rocks along the pathway and looked out at the sea. We talked for hours and watched the sun set around us. Then as we were getting up to go we were messing around and he pretended to push me. Next thing he grabbed me, pulled me on top of his lap and kissed me. I had been waiting all week for us to kiss again. I pulled back, looked in his eyes and in that moment, I fell for him all over again. And although he lived miles and miles away, and I haven't seen him in years.......

........I will never ever forget that kiss
gemstone898 gemstone898
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012