My First Love

I can remember it so vividly.

Him...walking me home (his house was one past mine on our road)..holding my hand.

Stopping to drop my friend of at her house.

Him...stopping the rain. Looking down at me..with his big blue eyes.

Asking me..if I loved him. If he knew how much he loved beautiful I was right then.

My heart began to melt I swear. And then with rain falling over his sexy yellow hat..he leaned in..and put his arms around me.

Reaching up on my tip toes..I gave him a hug. And whispered in his ear that I loved him back.

Then he looked at me..and put his lips on mine. I remember stretching reach his kiss him deeper..and faster. I remember loosing my sense of reality..just being lost in this kiss. I remember feeling the water dripping off my hair onto our faces.

And I remember him holding my hand all the way home. Oh if he only he had stayed that sweet loving guy. Thank god I learned that just because you have chemistry..does not always make it right!

ashleydyck ashleydyck
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

...and isn't that such a shame. To have such a chemistry with the wrong kind of guy. Now why can't it all just be in the one person, you can co-exist with?! Not fair.