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I visited Egypt in 2011. It was a touch and go situation whether we would be allowed into the country, and although I was scared I was also excited to see the great pyramids and the wealth that I had read so much about over the years. What I found there was both great beauty and extreme poverty. Yes, the pyramids are beautiful and I can say I have walked right up to them and touched them but they are surrounded by Egyptian children trying to sell you trinkets to earn money for their families. We saw persons living in homes that had caved in, and this was multiple families that just continually built on top of one another. We saw families and livestock living together on what would normally be a roof in the USA. We saw elderly persons that were most certainly sick, and when we asked about them we were told that they were persons that did not have children that were taking care of them. They depend on family to work and provide for them in their old age and if they have no one- well they end up living in hovel. I toured the great museum of Cairo and right next to it was the remains of the government building that the revolutionists burnt in their protests, although the general population I talked to believes the government did it to keep people from proving that the government was corrupt. To see all that and to stand in the shadow of that huge building and to smell its charred remains emblazoned this on my brain and it is something I will never forget. In comparison for me it is like 9/11, and those shots still filling my head today whenever I think of the trade center. I stood in Tahrir Square too, and words cannot even begin to explain all the emotions that ran through me there. 
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amazing story that you can relate the comparison of other lives,it is really a reality that some persons is lucky to have that life and others are just not lucky...what life after all things happening to us...

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Egypt awesome place... And... Bad living conditions... I feel bad for those families

Nice that you visited Egypt. Interesting story. A lot about the conditions is sad, though.

Beautiful and touching story, Glad you liked it in here :) All I can say is Egypt will be okay. Thanks for joining and posting your story :D

Thank you. It is most humbling to see. I was in Israel and watched fighting in the distance. That brought home how blessed we are as well. They are accustomed to it though.

Great post...it's so easy to take all of our good fortunes for granted...it's humbling, isn't it, to realize how much we have, when compared to others who have nothing...<br />
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I, for one, have been reminded to be thankful.....thank you....

...all your comments. It was am interesting time.

Thanks for

I have lived in the Cairo area since Aug. 2011. I have not ever felt threatened (I am an older female). My advice to anyone coming is to hook up with a tour agency such as Thomas Cook or Rames Tours (I have used both). They have a male driver and male tour guide that will take good care of you. The JW Marriott is lovely and near the airport; they take trips to City Stars Mall and to the Museum. Also, El Rehab City, Mall 2 is a great place to shop.<br />
Appreciate the History and Soak in a Different Culture

thanks good story

Wow! Thanks for this story and the insight on Egypt. It's always amazed me that beauty and tragedy often tend to be neighbors. But being limited to the USA I can only see it from here. YOur story proves it is universal. Thanks for broadening our minds a bit here.

You obviously travelled to Egypt with a male. Unlike me, I went with a female friend. Never have I felt so threatened or so in danger of being raped and murdered. Never have I felt so thankful that we have people willing to go to war for our freedoms and the democracy and values we take for granted. The great sights are fine, but our quality of living is much much better

They weren't letting us in for fear we would be harmed by some of the rioters. There was a small uprising the day before and they were worried for our safety.

Very much so. I have traveled the world pretty much and one thing that always happens in doing so is i gain a new appreciation for the good old USA. I get homesick bad if I have to stay long.