Or At Least Not What I Can Remember of It.....

I had just moved to Savannah.  "moved" is really an overstatement here, because I had simply shown up in town with a back pack, a bunch of weed and some acid, hoping someone would let me stay at their place.  My hopes were not dashed.
For about five months I lived with my friend Meg, for free.  I cleaned and cooked and we had allot of fun together, and I truly don't think she minded.  During this five month period I had been in negotiations with a Settlement Funding company, to whom I was trying to sell monthly payments to, in return for a lump sum (I Had broken my neck years earlier and now received monthly checks from the insurance company of the man who had hit me).  The first pay day finally came, and it was incredibly well timed.  It was the last day f classes fro Meg and all of our friends before the fall break, and also the day of  a CD release party at a local bar for some good friends of ours.  I got the check in the mail around ten a.m.  Meg arrived home about twenty minutes later.  i heard her park and stuck my head out the window "Tonight, We party like Rock stars!" I yelled, glad to have the opportunity to pay her back (at least a little) in such a grand way. 
We made some phone calls and son gathered all of our friends together for a gratis lunch at a fave eating spot. Then it was time to prepare for the evening.
This was almost ten years ago, so some of the details are fuzzy.  i am sure there were trips to various drug dealers-- pharmies, and cocaine and weed and who knows what else.  We got tot he bar, and I pulled the owner aside-- "I don't have a credit card, but i would like to run a tab, will you accept this as collateral?" I asked, pulling a thousand dollars from my purse.  "Sure, you can run a tab".  Drinks were on me for quite a bit.  The tab eventually ran out and I started giving fifties to friends to buy drinks while I huddled over a table in the bathroom, shoving copious amounts of white powder into my nose.
The bar closes (awwwww) and we all end up at a house party.  Meg left a few hours later to catch a plane, to be home in time for Thanksgiving, which was the next day.  Time tick, tick, ticked away through the day; there were trips to bars, liquor stores, pizza joints (eventually the drug dealers just came to us.  they weren't stupid) .  As the two day party wound down i ended up having completely wild sex with an incredibly hot guitar player from SOME bad who was in town--that sack session ended when forty eight hours of almost constant cocaine use forced streams of red, ht blood from my numbed nose an onto the chest of this momentary passion.  He stops "uh, I think you'd better go clean yourself up"  drip, drip.  "Yeah, I'm just gonna go"
I shove a few tissues into my nasal cavity and find my dress which is ripped.  I can only find one shoe, so i walk barefoot the six r seven blocks to Megs house, where I spend Thanksgiving with Megs cat, a box of popsicles, th TV and a quarter pound of marijuana.
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You must remember to fully Love the Breath of Life & Love within you. It is a gift of the Creator from whence all Blessings flow from. It will sustain you, protect you, and continue to give you reasons to keep going...when it all seems like rusty air. Let it open up that dry well, you Dear Spirit.<br />
You need the pure waters of the Earth and the Creator to wash you back awake. And you need to know that only Love without fear creates a new future when the spirit is right! Much Love & Many Blessings, livingwell