I Never Realized How Greedy And Evil My Step Sisters Are....

Okay, for those who dont know me, you may want to read my previous story about my poor mother for a bit of background.....

At last post, I was lamenting my mothers misfortunes, expressing my concerns for her after the devastating discovery of fraud that was committed by my own step sister.  Out of the original 15 counts against her,  totaling more than $150k, they plea bargained her down to 1 count of forgery, 1 count fraud in the amount of $897.  She gets 6 months in jail and 3 years supervised probation. What does mom get? A broken heart, bleeding ulcer............. and an early grave! 

Yes, you read my words correctly. My mother died less than 24 hours after finally seeing my sister taken to prison for the theft. It turns out she had developed an ulcer which perforated, causing an immediate septic infection to go coursing through her body. She went into emergency surgery but never recovered.

After all the other horrible things she had to go through in the past 2 years it seems so unfair, but I suppose we seldom think that death is fair, right? Well just wait, the story only gets worse!

So, now my mother is dead, my family in turmoil and still reeling from the other previous blows. I suddenly inherit a 17 (almost 18) year old niece (who I was co-guardian over along with my mom) and who I had once considered to be "my first baby" since I was "saddled" with her when she was a baby and I was only 16. (Her first few years were spent in and out of my care while my eldest sister yo-yo'd her around in her drug induced haze).

Anyway, the years spent together had apparently not strengthened the bond between my niece and I as I had believed. After moving in with me, she started abusing my daughters verbally, destroying my home, and basically treating me like crap. In less than a month, she was cursing me up and down, threatening me and basically shredding any misconceived ideas I had about her true feelings.  Yes, I understand she was striking out etcetera but I did all I could to calm her and get her support and counceling for grief. She resisted and eventually it all came to a head 11 days before her 18th birthday when she decided to move out without warning. What could I do? I had tried very hard to prepare her for becoming "an adult" and being a "grownup" but you can only do so much....Really, this is a whole other story so let me get back on track.


As I was saying, I suddenly found myself inheriting my niece, plus a home that was apparently in foreclosure and set to be auctioned in January, 6 cats, two dogs, a house full of crap and a mountain of other debts to go with it. Add to this the fact that I was in between an emotional rock and hard place because of my mixed feelings regarding my sister and the fraud, plus the bitterness now aimed at me by my other sister for having now inherited her daughter (something she always held my mother responsible for and me as well to some degree) To top it off, my aunt (who has never been particularly fond of my step sisters and their children) was vehement in her anger and virtually threatened to disown me if I dared to forgive or even miss my sister. Needless to say, it was hell on earth....

Fast forward a few months.... I have accepted the situation as it is between my niece and myself, have done my best to mend some kind of relationship there, have reconciled my own feelings toward my  prison-kept sister, and done my best to stay connected to the other one.

Basically I was doing my best to muck it out. And for a while, it seemed I was doing alright.

But here is where the fun starts. My aunt and I were both named co-executors of moms will. I decided for simplicity sake to allow my aunt to have the sole priviledge of dotting the I's and crossing the T's etcetera. We file papers with court and I continue handling the physical aspect of things...ie, packing her house, rounding up bills, finding homes for moms 4 legged babies etcetera.

Things were moving along famously...then disaster strikes in the form of a breakin at my mothers nearly empty home. Someone smashes in the doggy door, ransacks the place, vandalizes it and breaks valuable but takes only one measly freaking waterford vase worth a few grand at best. And the worst part is that the sick motherf**kers decided to bludgeon to death one of my moms two old dogs! They used the fireplace tongs from her own livingroom! And they did their best to mash in the brains of the other old hound but Xena is a strong old girl. So far still kicking and screaming but just barely.And all for what??? Lots of damage, lots of stuff scattered and torn through but little to nothing gone??? Hmmmm...do ya think they maybe were searching for something specific??? 

Terrible, right???

Wait! It gets better! In the wake of the destruction, my lovely eldest sister offers to kindly come to my aid for cleanup. Now, we discovered the breakin around 3PM and of course the police are pretty slow so it is well after dark now. I have a house that was so torn up the police want to condemn it (people threw catlitter boxes all over everything plus broke several old bottles of alcohol on every surface...between feces and glass it was just peachy to deal with!) and a poor dog to take to vets and another to dispose of.....all this while getting my 10 year old home in time for bed since the next days was a schoolday....With everything like that it was no wonder I gladly accepted my sisters "kindhearted" offer to come do the cleanup that night and drop keys off later.

Around 5 am, I hear a knock on my door. Peephole reveals my sisters friend "Rob" (name changed) at the door, dropping my keys off. Doesnt even offer an explanation. I thought it was a bit rude and kinda wierd but I left it at that and went to bed. Consequently, it should be noted that for the next 2 days I am home sick in bed and so my "boyfriend" checks on the last 2 cats and the house, helps finish more cleanup and basically watches moms house for me.

Anyway, a few hours after the key drop,  my damned "sister" strolls into court with  an attorney with more balls than brains if you ask me! She and my niece are now contesting the will. disagreeing with the request to name my aunt executor, and alleging that she is misappropriating assets! WTF???! Totally out of left field! Never saw it coming! 

. Oh and remember how I was out sick for 2 days after the cleanup? The 3rd day I go over and notice some antique statues my grandmother gave me on her deathbed were missing from the entertainment center. These are old, but nothing really special. But they are sentimentally priceless to me. I asked my boyfriend what he'd done with them and his look said it all, "Huh? I thought you took them to your aunts after the breakin???"

My blood froze. Obviously I had my suspicions. My sister had decided to help herself to a little shopping spree free for all. I sent her several text messages over the next 2 days and hear nothing.

Then today I get back this.... "Gig, I will hold the statues in safe keeping pending the decision of the judge...."

Oh, she has NO CLUE what can of worms she just opened up....all I will say is I look forward to my day of reckoning with her. It should be entertaining if nothing else.

Lesson learned.... beware of stupid ******* bearing tidings of concern and cooperation. They inevitably turn out to be snakes in the grass....

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good lord woman, I am totally ******* speechless and have no clue what to say now!
oh wait yes I do sounds to me like a script for mini series, lol

and at the end of it you get to beat the **** out of them!

Sorry.....I am from Arizona....aka the devils dustbowl!

Believe me, I agree! But just to expplain something, I do not have ANY contact with the people mentioned that have been abusing my family this way. My step-sisters & niece and I have completely severed ties at this point and I sincerely hope they all DO wind up in jail! One already is in jail, matter of fact, and I couldn't be happier! I was never raised to treat people so poorly and it shames me to see my sisters failed to learn this lesson, but that is their folly and not mine. Fortunately, my sense of self-preservation has helped me make the break away from them and their bad choices.

YAY! !!