Never Again!

My very first laptop I owned was a dell. I dont know why my father thought dell was a good company boy he was wrong! Dell is from hell! My brand new laptop was such a wonderful gift and I used it everyday treasuring it. It was about 5 months after using it I was on it one night on ep. We had virus protection on it so it told us which sites had viruses on them. Nobody else used it but me. I was on it when suddenly out of nowhere the screen turned blue and then made a LOUD noise started beeping then just turned black and shut off! I was so upset and not to mention scared! What would my parents say what if they didnt think I was responisble!!!! Was all I was screaming in my head! I eventually got the guts to show my dad what had happened. He thought he could fix it no problem.... Well the new laptop absolutly refused to turn on. My mom was p***ed she thought I over charged it and killed the battery. But I dont think something like that would make it not turn on. We decided to return it for a new one. Well the reliable service of dell refused to give us a new one! I fully regretted getting a dell and so did my parents. My mom called the network that worked with dell for assistance. Well the idiots that worked with dell were in india! Those cheapskates couldnt hire people in America because it was cheaper in another country. I felt like it was the movie slumdog million air the scene where they were taking calls! Some of the people didnt speak english, hung up, and yelled.

After argueing for a new laptop for days my mom decided to take a refurbished one. I was disspointed that our fight for the new computer didnt lead us to what we wanted but I was happy I got another computer. I was exited and told if it didnt work tell my parents right away. I was wondering why it was so slow I kept waiting constantly for things to load. I decided to do school work on my home computer since it was so slow. One night after turning on the laptop once again the screen turned blue. It said warning tracking cookies and worms have invaided your privacy. Not too much of a suprise this "proffetional" company didnt give us good protection -____-. Calling my dad I told him and he took it too a shop where we spent money to get it fixed. It was still really slow. My mom once again got into a huge war on the phone to get me a NEW laptop. Dell just was too freaking cheap! Even when the warrenty wasnt up. My mom kept yelling she would never buy a dell again message recieved! She kept threatening the people on the phone with dell that she was going to tell everyone that dell was horrible and not to buy it! Advertising it to all we warned people not to buy a dell. We saw an add on tv advirtising a new dell model version. My mom tried to call the network and say "What a great buisness dell was" which I thought was hilarious! lol! :D Sadly she didnt get to voice what she wanted too on the people selling dell and trying to get business. I ended up getting another referbished computer from dell but this one did work better it wasnt new but I was happy the darn thing worked. We kept the second laptop dell sent to us despite them. (We were suppossed to return it) It was slow but getting it fixed at the shop improved it a little. I dont care what new models or fancy things they come up with I will never buy another dell again!!!!! This is a warning to all dell is from hell they suck!
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