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To me now, Marriage is trying to be more legal with Culture and the Government.  Or perhaps to form monogamy relationships and family.  And I have past that age to wanting children and family ties and restrict marriage to its financial institute as it is.  I am not in any financial and care for such legal traditions as such for my life.  But if any kind of a good relationship can develop in my life, that doesn't mean I wouldn't comment myself with the right person as a private relationship.  I just don't care to go as far as making it this Marriage Contract Issue. This is an issue about me and getting to know and understand where I am on this, for myself.
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It was strange when I took the Trip. I found it very adventurous and I enjoyed it. But when I waited for the Petition to be approved about her coming to the United States, when I was back in the Unitied States. I waited a year to later in the year to get in the mail from Immergrations, that some important forms and papers had to be filled out, because they had records she arrived in the United States some time ago, for which I wasn't ever told about. I was nagging her family in the philippines as to where she was at and given that she was off somewhere out of reach and they didn't know anymore about her situation. Then I started realizing I was tricked into this whole thing. It was almost a year after it all, before I realized what was really going on. But I loved the Airliner Flights on this trip. That was really enjoyable. My favorite musician Jonn Serrie's Mid-Summer Century Music was played on Cathy Pacific and I was in rapture with that.

Oh I forgot, As far as any women from over seas has to get here on her own and then we will see.

Religion, I see your point oh so well. I have a similar view on the subject. My family is such and some way over the top, you know the type. This kind of makes me the Black Sheep. What I have been more into is the study of the Universal Laws. If there is one thing I have found out and that is you can break mans law all day long but you can not break Universal Law ever. It is like going against gravity. And I used the Abraham data and other places on the Net to form my thoughts on the subject. Very interesting.<br />
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To me it seems to fill in where the religious sector has fallen off. That sect seems to think ba<x>sed on what their forefathers have handed down (hear say) as the ultimate word. As I understand it it was Universal Law Jesus was trying to teach. Like trying to teach a bunch of kindergarten kids at the time and because of the education level that was trying to be taught I can understand how they got the story that is now being passed around. Plus you had the politicians of the day that weighted in and rewrote what was written about the subject to their advantage. You don't suppose that changed anything do you? One look at what our and other governments have been up to and we all know the answer to what happened then as well. Today I believe they call it misinformation.<br />
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Much different than what is being sold to everyone today. So much for that subject, form your own opinion about it. I don't preach, I just teach.<br />
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Now the marriage thing was also a man made device for those exchanging things way back in the day. A man might exchange his none son (Daughter) for something another man had and a marriage thing was drawn up to show a form of ownership so no other man could lay claims to her. At the time most were USED for having children and at times that was in the contract from the seller that she had to be able to or a return was made. They also USED them for house keeping and other chores that needed done around the farm/ranch/estate. They wanted sons to work for them and she had to give them to him or else.<br />
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Look what it has evolved in to today. Somehow it has managed to turn into a contract for a woman to gain access to all you own and when you say I do in most states she now owns 50% of what you used to. Not really a good thing for a man at all these days. That is why I said what I did in my story in "Not Required" in this same group. <br />
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So yes I do understand and can tell where you are coming from on this issue. Please don't get me wrong I love women, it is just with all the laws set in place today I can not legally trust them and hints why things will be different than what the norm has become with me. It boils down to I can not afford not to. No, not even a prenuptial. Besides, if they want me then it is me not my stuff they are interested in, Right? In that case there won't be very many will there? <br />
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These days if you are interested in me it will be on a friends basis only. I can love a friend and can care about them just the same. After all you can leave your STUFF to anyone you want to. I only say you should use a trust to do it. Never allow anything to go to probate if you want anyone to really get what you want them to have. It is not going with you so you may as well direct it where you wish it to go. Love is the only thing you take with you and leave behind at the same time.<br />
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Everyone wants to have and be Loved. Just that mans law has caused so many problems with that issue. A proper trust is the best way to protect your stuff from anyone with a bad intent and keep them at arms length. I know I come across as a hard case but that is not the case. Because it is not, is why and how I learned to DO things differently. Other than that I simply have removed the LAW from my relationships leaving only the relationship. I thought that was what it was all about in the first place so one one should ob<x>ject. After all a marriage contract is only a very very unclear contract without details. It states little but so much is made of it later. Kinda backwards if you ask me.

I never had anything ever develope in my life with a women exactly. I was tricked to marry a fillipino women in searching Asian Ladies outfit organization thing back in the late 1990's. I took this trip to the Philippines to see her and she agreed with me on everything and so I Petitioned for her. After she disappeared when the Petitioned was approved, did I realized I was tricked into this marrage proposal thing with her. So that too ... Has me realize even more how Marriage is something more than Legal and Government manipulation's. I wasn't even really able to have intimacy with her, because she used Christianity to convince me to stay away from her. It made me realize how Christianity is used a lot more by crooked people to hide behind and use as Decoy's. I am not Christian now. I have only tried it in my early years and found how decieving it was. I am agnostic now. I don't believe in Religions. I see them as Deceptions, Decoys and as manipulations by Cultures.

You might read my comment/story for this group. It should clear up just a few things. No way I could cover it all unless I wanted to include a hard cover. Cheers friend.

I hope you are getting me? I will accept a relationship if it can develope, but I am not in the decision of making it a Marriage deal.

I get you on this. With what I know now, right?