I Cannot Love Someone


I could never get married to someone I didn't love, and that would be no one since I've never loved anyone, not really...I can't even love myself so how could I expect to love anyone else? Its not that I don't care for people, their well-being etc...of course I do but as for actual love for the rest of my life to only one person...I do have that sense of devotion or loyalty and I know that I would hurt someone with that and if not my lack of interest or devotion than my personal habits and issues would certainly sabotage any attempt of marriage. No. I would rather be single forever, maybe have a few friends but nothing serious.

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I doubt that is what your life has

in store for ya.

You're still quite young.

Nonetheless, it will always be your choice.

As for me...

at 27, I seriously doubt I'll ever get married...

because the choice isn't mine to make.

But hey... I hear that being a loner who waits...

is cool.

So at least I'll be cool.