Tryin To Overcome Your Past.

no matter how hard i try, my past haunts me everyday. i try  to do things that will keep my mind occupied and not on my past. no matter how much u talk about it, it never really goes away. i want someone to tell me how they overcame there past without goin out of there minds.
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Your past is your past. You need to make a decision to let it go and look toward the future. When your mind flashes back, say to yourself I'm not going to think of this...And don't. You'll have to forgive yourself as we are our own worst critic.

Your past is what it is...your past. You cant just wipe it out of your memory as you're not a robot, but you can use that to make yourself a better future. Be positive and love yourself like no one ever loved you before. xx

Yeah it's difficult. <br />
<br />
I take a lot of long walk, choose good friends and dump the bad ones (used to be hard to do), write blog, go to church, pray everyday, watch Youtube that makes me laugh, think positively...<br />
<br />
Next I will sing praises to God more and give thanks to the good I have in life.

do not think it every goes away if we have some one in our life that loves us it ehlps but so many of us are also alone

The Way To OverCome The Past Is Difficult ~ Your Opponent Is The 1st of The Three Fates (The Norns: PastTime-PresentTime-FutureTime) ~ She Is Known As "The Old Hag" & Is Your Deadliest Enemy In Life. She Is Very 'Real' (Care For A Personal Visit? I Can Arrange It...). The Method Is Call "Switching Mind Polarities." This Does Not Erase The Past - Instead, It Makes The sSelf-ReAction "Elastic"...and The Interiorized Destructive Effect Becomes Nullified. Takes Effort - And She Is Verrry Scarrry Up Close. Real. - PS-She Crushes & Turns All Soil (Souls) Before Her....Creatoress~Sustainer~Destroyer (Seen From'Above').

Well that past is over and done with - their is literally you nothing you can do about it now. Just like sumnerkagan said - you just have here and now. Accept your past, learn from it, move on. Because you can't change it - why not just learn from it? Easier said than done :)

my past has been very hard for meanything can cause it it tears me 2 sreads when it does come back with all the horrid memioes i have most of the peolpe i know what i have been through my past u would not belive what,s happened 2 me every time something goes wrong it all comes flooding backlucky i found this site will help me in someway

That's the bad part about life. You can't change your past. I think talking about what happend and realizing that what was done to you wasn't your fault will help your heart and mind to heal. Also removing yourself from whatever is haunting you will help you to stop obsessing with it so much. Whenever you stay stuck in the past you are missing out on your present. I spent so many years obsessing with my past. Not a day went by that I didn't blame myself and think of ways I could have changed what happend. Therapy really helped me alot. Finding new coping skills and just talking really helps. I am here for you if you ever want to talk. I am new on here and I would love to have you as a friend.

im in the same position as well, i have gotten really aggravated with the world, it is a little hard, but it something we have to face, its an obstacle, and im tired of avoiding it, im confronting every challenge every emotion ive had, thats for my experience, im balancing my emotions, as well, the more oocupied you keep yourself, the more your emotions buddles up, its escalate do not do that, cause i been having total meltdowns, because of it, its constantly in mind, but i remind myself the pass is the pass iam a wonderful beautiful young woman, theirs no such a thing in cants there are cans, i hope what i just told you, did not bring your hopes down, for me is a battle that i go through, and iam being strong for myself cause its my life, im tired of being miserable, im tired of living in fear is time to be happy with yourself, and the positive of your surroundings