Why Does My Past Haunt Me?

No matter how many years go by or how good life is at that particular moment the past always seems to pop up and effect my life in one way or another. Whether its childhood memories or insecurities I can never seem to escape the past. They say the past should be left just as that but how can it be when your past makes your future...to know where going you need to know where you've come from. Counselling doesn't seem to do the trick, my issues seem to be too deeply cut but I'm at that point in my life where I feel I so badly need to deal with these issues. I want to break free...
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8 Responses Apr 17, 2011

You have to work through it hun all our present issues stem from our pasts

im so in need of forgetting to feels like my head is goin to explode i have had enough why wont my head let go i just want to take it away there must be away of forgetting

Yh your right peter I agree its like a maze that we have to find the exit too. I believe through other life experiences we eventually come to terms with the past. I am gradually working through it and the more it becomes obvious that my past is having an effect on my future, the more I'm determined to deal with it. I won't let my past mess up a good thing

i have tried to live my life by what we talked about and some of the plans we made and the smae for her mother i understand it and if i had to do it again i would make her promise me the same thing but you see she thought i was dead too<br />
as i was rported KIA the day before but i was in a coma for 5 months

you may had been scaredfrom the pass like abouseit still hirts or you can,t for get it. i ogree with cryptic. it,s just like your boss giveing you a brick and saying make a house.with out instuchions

Yh that's deep and we can tend to let the abuse us by not living our lives because of it. I do not understand what that must of been like for you but your still here so that suggests your a strong person and you intend to keep going regardless. My thoughts are with you, if you need to talk message me x

funny how they alwasy say thatn few understand i think<br />
how do you forget being raped at 5 years old how do you forget telling others and being told you are a lier

Yh I fully understand you hun, its like you look for guidance as to how to move on but the thing is no one can give us that answer. No one knows us better than ourselves so its only us that can set ourselves free. Its all about self discovery and acceptance and I think in due time we ourselves will work it out, I guess it just takes time :)