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I'm Trying Though!

Some of us have a past that we'd like to forget. However, getting over your past is easier said than done. Some of us deal with it by moving on, some of us...can't. I didn't have a happy childhood, but that's not gonna stop me from living a happy life - on my own terms.
Ichilicious Ichilicious 26-30, M 5 Responses Jul 12, 2011

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hello, i cant get over my past, i have a remedy for you that is working for me, i hurt a boy when i was younger, and it has made his life hard and sad, every day i grieve about it, it was not intentional, but when i see the damage i caused to another person, i cannot help but feel guilty, and ashamed, i hated myself for so many years, until i took Jesus christ into those memories, every time they came to mine, i remember that if i confess my sins, he is faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness, there is forgiveness for us, it has not been wiped away at once, but everytime i confess to Jesus, i trust in his sacrificefor me, and my brother, i am experiencing the pain leaving, because i ask him to help that person, and fix what i did, and you know what, it is happening, we are friends again, it is proof tha he reaches into the circumstances, the peoplewe have wronged, and heals it all, its not just a "i forgive you" thing, but a thorough thing, trust him to do thesame for you too.

well said friend. ur note reminds me about what i think about my past. good luck,i hope we will be happy one day ..soon.

At least we're not alone. So do I.

I must agree sometimes they come back in a vengence and you start over on couping and then you move on again and learn better couping skills... it's always a work in progress.

Yeah, that's true. It's a losing battle.

I must admit to trying to let go of events earlier this year even though I've moved on.

I don't think we'll ever truly let of things. We just deal with it a little better with each passing year.

yay for you and good luck :) i don't have the happiest of a past either, sometimes it's a struggle to be happy but we have to try our best.

Thank you, I appreciate it. :)