L Will Never Forget This

When l was like 14 l was walking home from school and l saw a van park around the corner of my street. lhad my head down but l was still watching them it was a man and women in the frount of the van. l started to speed walk then the jumped out and the man must of ran because he caught you to me pretty quick. he tackled me l tried to scream but there was a damp cloth in my face then l blacked out.

l woke up in a room with a bed and a dressing table it had a door to go to the bathroom the windows were locked and so was the door.l was sitting on the bed when the lady walked in she said she was my new mom.l started to ague with her then she hit me and said l be a good little girl and go to sleep because it was still dark outside.the room was suitable for my age but l would kick stuff and break the stuff on the dressing table.she would come in and yell at me then pick up the broken pieaces and then vacumed the rest.

a few days latre the man came in he just said that he was my new father then left l was like **** YOU! then he came back in and hit me he keept calling me rose-ann l guest that was my new name. the lady would bring food in then l would just chuck it at her then she would hit me. it was like they were obsessed with me one day they let me use a laptop they said l could have if thet trusted me l went on myspace and l had post like were are you? why arnt you at school? l couldn't tell them because the lady was sitting next to me.

Then l heard a nosie come from out side l had never heared a nosie from outside l got up and started hitting the window the lady came in and told me it was just a friend that l had to speak to so the tied my hands together they sat me on a sofa then tied my feet together the other lady walked in and was like is this the little maggit that your obsessed about l was skinney,pale and sick they forsed me to eat then she stayed a few nights then l felt weried around the lady she told my not to be upset.

On the day she was about to leave the swat team and the FBI were there a man came and grabbed the lady then the other lady untied me l was like but? she was a undercover agent they arested the man and the lady l was so happy to see my mom and dad (lm a only child) l was so scared now l know why that lady was forcing me to eat she was tring to help me l didnt have to go to hospital l just needed to eat highcalorie food l still take pills to get rid of the flashbacks and the nightmares it was scary lm just scared for if they come back
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wowwwwwww this happened to you???? i just wanna hug you and cry 8::::::::::( i'm glad ur ok


The end result is pretty clear, you were strong and held on to your witts, I am plerased to read you survived. Some cases like this don't end well at all.

something like thats happened to me, i have never really spoke about it, im going to shorten it down, <br />
<br />
I was walking home from friends and man dragged me in his van and the 2 men took me to a field and beat me on the way, i was with a random other girl who got beat too we were both being punched and kicked. when they stoped they said to get naked and both open wide, (going to rape us) but as it was about to happen i punched the guy in the balls stood up and kicked the other n the face (he was bending over to hit the girl) and i grabbed the girl and we were chased by the two men but we found a town and got in some house as they called 999


My goodness. What a tragic story. I'm glad you're safe now and it seems that you're moving forward. Thank you for sharing your story with us. What a strong girl you are!

did you ask your mom what was that all about? you have the right to know why,and who,that was,,and what to watch for in the future, dam thats weird, stuff,,if i was you i get to the bottom of that ,id bug the hell out of the police , mom, and the paper in your town, tv stations,any body who would give you the time, keep telling the story untill i got all of it,,,good luck,,,