My Past

My past consisted of mental abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. It damaged me. I am damaged. I don't think it is possible to completely get over the past.
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That is correct. Do you have children?

I am a victim of the same abuses and no you never "get over" the past you just have to not let it get you. I am sure you have become a stronger person and if you are like me then its made trusting people really difficult. Therapy helps to some extent but in my case, its hard to change the mind set of a child ( which is when most of my abuse occurred). Sometimes talking to others is awkward, difficult and painful but the more that comes out the better but if you are like me then the trust is hard too. Trusting someone enough with the information you give them is sometimes far too difficult than dealing with it alone.

I don't know how long its been for you since this happened to you, if recent, therapy or even group therapy with those that have been through the same can help. For me the last time it happened by the hands of my step father it was 1979. I can tell you it will always be with me and it has made me view the world in a diff light. I can say it does not control every aspect of my being but I am not the person I should be.