Self Therapy

I posted my story a few minutes can actually help yourself
I am writing a book about my life...its kind of hypnotizing yourself..all of these horrible memories have been haunting us for Yrs but we choose not to not really remember some of do we? I found that if I took myself back to those horrible tines and then thought of EXACTLY how it made you feel...write it in a journal.. I chose to make mine a book that I hopefully will get published....the more I close my eyes and pull all those feelings out and the more I write I find another piece of myself and how everything that I went through made me the person that I am today and I have discovered that all of that weakness has turned into strength. You never get over just get through it and you need to forgive but never forget....I saw something the other day and it said "And when the storm is over, you wont know how you got through it, in fact you don't really know if its over or not, but when you walk out of that storm, you wont be the same person who walked in. What we have experienced is now our fears....that's why I chose to remember and face those fears...and write my story. I cry a lot when I'm writing sometimes to almost uncontrollable sobbing...but when I'm done....I'm stronger! Writing is great self therapy
shelin71 shelin71
36-40, T
Oct 4, 2012