I Can't Get Over My Past.

Everyday I struggle with getting over my past. I want so bad to be able to go back and know then what I know now so that I can change my life. I know that this is not possible however it does not stop my thinking that way. I hate so much of my life. I need and want to move on. To live a better life. I am disappointing so many others in my life because of this. How do I move on?
Sorriso Sorriso
46-50, M
7 Responses May 28, 2007

I understand how you feel, I ended up in hospital and will possibly lose my husband because of this

sorrison i hear you loud and clear. i cant get over my past either thats why im here telling my story. i try so hard to forget about it but everyday u have to deal with it. i write in a journal but thereare times that dont even help.

I did something terrible recently. What's worse, I feel like I knew it was wrong while I was doing it and did it anyway. I hurt myself, my family, my friends, and others. It's an awful thing to own but I realized that that was what was wrong: that I stopped owning my actions. I realized I'm capable of letting awful things happen, again and again, when I don't OWN myself. This is going to be the WORST thing to get past and it's going to be HELL. But I'm serving no purpose sitting on my ***. I deserve more respect from myself and I'm going after it. Even if I forgot that lesson for a few months. I'm NEVER forgetting again.

Life is but a stage and we are but pla<x>yers. We can invent a great past if we want to and use it to leap into the future.

I know what you mean. Probably different situations, but I'm sure a lot of the same feelings. I just shared my story today. I hope you're able to easier get some "relief" or what have you to help improve your situation than what I'm able to.

maybe we can never truely move on until we accept that our past is a part of us, it defines us in the same way that our present and futures must.

When I was in your situation I stumbled accross a self help book, and with some motivation I basically managed to distract myself from the past till it faded away by doing things the book suggested. However I dont know everything about your situation so I dont know if this would work.