Love Doesn't Just Lay There, Like A Stone

The world is complicated and the people live in this fast moving world. Finding someone is easy but finding the person you want to love and live is harder for sure.

Love doesn't just lay there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; re-made all the time, made new - so need a good start !
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Takes 2 to make it happen, and to make it live long... Just like a fire to keep feeding it;)

Like the way u put through it

Well I found that person but he doesn't want me anymore I wish I could either fix what we had or find a replacement so to speak I miss it so much :-(

I agree. Too many people stop working at their relationship, once they reach the 'comfort zone' with each other. I think a good relationship never stops trying. It's always a work in progress. It makes me so happy to see an old couple hold hands. To me, that is a true success in life.. no matter what you do in your career or how much you find that one person who you can love and be loved by, your entire lives together..that is the true accomplishment, all the other stuff is immaterial.

Very well said. I also believe love can be made like bread, but it all is the the yeast. Without it there will be no bread. Without "sparcle", there is no love.
But on other hand:
Love is a never ending rhyme saying wholy words.
And remains in us forever.
Love and time never stop, it is we that change

Finding that one special person is a goal for everyone for sure. For me, i can't forget about him. Even if we fight, no matter how bad, i love him more than the fight. I calm down and cool down and he is always more important and our love. I can forgive and let it go. Even though we may have been separated for short periods over our relationship, it never stopped my feelings for him, which are impossible to stop.

Your analogy of making bread is a good and nurturing one. The gentle kneading to create that perfect loaf... yes .. love is like that. The feeling of physical contact and the hands on part helps the emotional connection grow stronger all the time over the years you know each other. The good start to me is the friendship you start with and it grows into love the more you get to know each other. Love ... sigh.. the most important thing in life :) x

That's beautiful :-)

Nice title. Definitely love isn't like a stone. You have to mold it, cherish it and more.

I will never give up finding my soul mate. But it doe get hard looking for him. So ma

very true....being "in love" is like having a second career. It takes time, effort, & dedication to keep that love alive and thriving.