Family, Eh?

There've been times when I want to give up. More often than not, in the past few years until the middle of last year, I contemplated giving up on everyone and everything, but then I remembered a couple of things.
1. My dad.
2. My friends ... the real ones, anyway ( :
3. My music - the songs I've written and the songs and musicians that inspire me.
4. The fact that I've got life better than so many people all over the World ... talk about being greedy. :
5. Being ginger. I'm part of a sub-species! ;D

All jokes aside, it's these things which kept me going, and now it's the person I love on the top of that list. But it's still these things.

Never give up ( : It's not worth it
ImaginedTherapy ImaginedTherapy
22-25, F
Feb 23, 2011